Mathew Analytics is a boutique data science consulting firm whose mission is to provide innovative, scientific, and technical solutions that help small businesses better serve their customers. From auto dealerships to online marketers to sales professionals, we glean insights from our clients’ data so that they can operate in a more efficient manner.


Our services include:

  • Time Series Analysis: From forecasting to examining covariance, we can help understand your complex time series.
  • Data Visualization: Create dashboards and other tools to convey quantitative insights in a meaningful manner.
  • Predictive Modeling: Build models to predict and understand behaviors, be it customer churn, anomalous behavior, etc
  • Statistical Inference: Develop frameworks to understand how specific actions or variables such as marketing expenditure are impacting the desired outcome.
  • Training: R and statistics training for individuals, organizations, and businesses
  • Technical Writing: Whether it’s for a white paper or report, we take complex statistical content and synthesize it into a discernible and palpable manner.

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